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Publix Wine Guide
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Whether sipped at a sidewalk café, a rustic country picnic, or an elegant sit-down luncheon, refreshing rosés make up some of summertime's most versatile and quaffable wines. For a delicious way to beat the heat, just think pink!

Cowboys and fine wine definitely go together. In Paso Robles, the Wild West of California wine, they especially do! Here you'll find a spirited mix of ranches, outlaw lore and some killer wines for criminally good prices.

Seven simple steps to a standout salutation.

Along with driving a standard-shift car and making an omelet, everyone should be able to offer a successful toast.

Why not start this month -- smack dab in the middle of picnic season -- with white wines from Alsace? With their spring-fresh aromas and flavors, they're about as picnic-perfect as wine can be.

Zinfandel is rich, bold and ready for just about anything. From Tex-Mex to Cajun potato wedges and spicy sausages, Zinfandel is a great pairing for your flavorful favorites.

All that sparkles is not necessarily Champagne. That's because any bottle labeled Champagne must come from the Champagne region of France. Still, you can find outstanding sparklers from wineries around the globe.

Thanks to a new generation of winemakers, Tuscan's most famous wine is once again table-worthy.

When everything else in the world seems to climb in costs year after year, it's good to see that there are still plenty of wines priced $7 to $10 a bottle that you can pour with confidence. In fact, most wine drinkers agree that today's inexpensive wines are better than ever.

If you crave juicy wines with a hint of chewy depth, the initials GSM should be part of your wine vocabulary. GSM stands for Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre, a delectable blend of Rhône valley varieties now starring worldwide.

In the evolution of form vs. function in wine packaging, screwtops have paved the way for even more variety

Take it from the top. Three experts offer tips on the art of opening -- and preserving -- that special wine.

White wines offer a rainbow of flavors beyond Chardonnay.

It's never been easier to make wine part of your picnic plans.

Are you stressed about what wines to serve this holiday season? Don't be. With a little help from the experts, you'll look like a wine aficionado.

From the powerful red Barolo and Barbaresco wines to Franciacorta-a sparkling wine that rivals French Champagne for elegance and finesse-Italy has its fair share of highly esteemed bottles that are worth a sniff, swirl, and a furrow of the brow from any serious wine collector.

A profusion of high-quality wines hail from France's Loire Valley. Yet because most Loire wines are named for places within the region, many of these superb sips remain a mystery to wine lovers.

For years, Malbec languished in the shadows, mostly as an uncelebrated blending grape. But as Argentinian winemakers began coaxing the grape into sensuous bottles, French winemakers rediscovered its charms too.

Cabernet Sauvignon flirts with Shiraz, Semillion boogies with Chardonnay-come see how blending grapes in all-new ways allows winemakers to create interesting, flavorful and often inexpensive wines that are creating a stir among wine-lovers.

Who doesn't feel at least a small rush of excitement upon the opening of a bottle of Champagne? Here's a quick quiz to see how much you know about the wine world's bubbly superstar.

When it comes to picnic wines, it's all about style. That is, instead of furrowing your brow about pairing the day's wine with the day's food, think more generally about pairing your wine with the day itself. You'll want a style of wine that's fresh, vibrant, and lighter; a bottle that's as easy to enjoy as summer.

Pinot Noir ("Black Pinot") is the primary grape of red Burgundy wines from France.

For the best match of wine with pizza, take a tip from your toppings.

Picture a sublime landscape of verdant green giving way to a magical coastline, in a land once settled by the Celts. Could this be Scotland? Ireland? No, it's the unlikeliest wine region in all of Spain.

Chardonnay may be better known, but Sauvignon Blanc wins the Miss Congeniality prize.

Sherry is hot! It's as hip as urban tapas bars and as trendy as Barcelona. Americans are rediscovering what the Spanish have always known -- sherry is a wonderfully diverse wine that goes especially well with party foods.

While South African wines are enjoying some long-overdue recognition in the wine world, most of them remain virtually unknown to the casual wine drinker. Value hunters should take a closer look.

Whether you prefer burgers and chips or Brie and baguettes, there¿s a wine that will fit your tailgating style.

Though famous for its reds, this world-renowned wine-making region offers a host of gems across the wine spectrum.

The fortified wine with a long and storied history is enjoying a much deserved revival.

A host of exciting new wines are joining the Spanish region's hallmark long-aged reds.

Ideal for the wine novice and the ardent apprentice alike, the modern stemless wine glass puts the Pinot right in the palm of your hand. And, conveniently, it fits in your dishwasher, so you can say goodbye to hand-washing.

Every autumn, wine-drinkers get caught up in the frenzy of Beaujolais Nouveau, a bright, juicy red wine released for sale on the third Thursday of every November amid a flurry of celebratory hoopla.

If some matches are made in heaven, the union of Cabernet Sauvignon with a juicy steak seems particularly divine. So, too, is the winning romance between Napa Valley and the Cab varietal itself. Here's why these duos click.

"He was a bold man that first ate an oyster," satirist Jonathan Swift famously wrote. These morsels are now much loved, but they taste the best during certain months. Here's why, and which wines enhance these seasonal treats.

When a beast is on the label, studies show, Americans buy a new wine twice as frequently as the non-animal label competitors. From dancing bulls to leaping frogs, black swans to roaming goats, a veritable zoo of animals appears on wine labels today.

Today's inexpensive wines are better than ever. So what's with that guy who always orders the priciest bottle? Is he just showing off? Or are there legitimate reasons some wines are more expensive than others?

Looking for some great wines for this quintessentially American holiday? Here are a few suggestions that will please most everyone at the table.

Immortalized by Lewis and Clark as a splendorous land of discovery, the Pacific Northwest is also one of the best places to explore magnificent wines.

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