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Publix Atlanta Division

Retail Staffing Specialist


Duties: Support the more than 289 stores in the Atlanta Division

Started at Publix: 2004

Past lives: Retail Management, Counselor Supervisor, Inventory Management

Favorites: Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks, The Voice

Hobbies: Music, Movies and Cooking

Best part of working for Publix
Helping people find jobs and careers that are fulfilling to them.

Best part of my role here
The opportunity to interact with many links in the chain that is our company. Whether it is giving an associate more information about tuition reimbursement, or consulting with stores on their needs, I can have a strong impact on what I see as a shopper when I visit our stores!

Tip for job candidates
It is very important that you interview us. There is a much greater likelihood that we can match you with the right position if you spend some time asking us questions about what you are looking for!