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Recruiter Bio

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Publix Jacksonville Division

Retail Staffing Specialist

Duties: Support the more than 252 stores in the Jacksonville Division

Started at Publix: 2013

Past lives: Retail Manager, Restaurant Manager, Corporate Recruiter, Hospitality Recruiter

Favorites: Modern Family, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, BBC, Antiques Roadshow, and FNC

Hobbies: Traveling, Running, Sports, Cooking, Collecting European Vintage Ales, and Politics

Best part of working for Publix
I get to add value to an established organization with an outstanding culture and history. I have the unique opportunity to learn from other talented team members who bring a diversity of knowledge and expertise to their respective positions.

Best part of my role here
The positive impact that my role has on the individual careers of our fellow associates and the individual areas in which they are employed.

Tip for job candidates
Be prepared, be professional, be positive, be flexible, be honest, and above all yourself!