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Seasonal Staffing Specialist (company-wide)

Duties: Leading the company's seasonal staffing program for stores that have significant fluctuations in sales and customer visits.

Started at Publix: 2010

Past lives: Events Coordinator, Project Manager, Account Director, Employment Branding Specialist

Favorites: Chopped, trampolines, sweets

Hobbies: Traveling the globe, dancing and performing, home renovations

Best part of working for Publix
The people, the reputation, the community outreach initiatives; and working in an environment that encourages hard-work and passion.

Best part of my role here
Working collaboratively with a variety of Publix teams and retail leaders, and having a near-endless opportunity to learn about Publix business operations.

Tip for job candidates
Ask family and friends to review your resume and cover letter. Practice answering interview questions with them using the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result), using concrete examples of your past experiences and results.