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Business Analysis & Reporting

Finance Opportunities


Asset Accounting: Properly reporting existing and fixed assets to the company financial statement

Covering everything from Publix buildings to store equipment, the Asset Accounting team works to properly maintain Publix assets on the company balance sheet. This ensures Publix accurately reflects ownership and valuation of its assets within its overall financial results.

Here is one position in the Asset Accounting team:

Financial Planning & Analysis: Developing, executing, and improving financial planning processes

The Financial Planning & Analysis team provides tactical and strategic decision-making processes critical to setting short- and long-range financial direction. They lead efforts to research, develop and implement appropriate company-wide financial planning processes and forecasting techniques. This team also provides financial and consulting support to Business Analysis & Reporting, Human Resources, Legal, and several other support areas. The Financial Planning & Analysis team leads our company-wide efforts related to strategic performance measurement and testing design and analysis.

Here is one position in the Financial Planning & Analysis team:

Financial Reporting: Providing exceptional business advisory and reporting services

The Financial Reporting team gathers data and provides reliable performance measurement and business consultation to support the company's need for strong, information-based decisions. They ensure our financial results are stated accurately and completely, recorded and reported properly, and filed with the appropriate authorities in accordance with accounting rules and regulations.

Here is one position in the Financial Reporting team:

I/T Support: Providing reporting and analysis for Information Technology

The I/T Support team provides financial accounting and analytical support to I/T, as well as participates on project teams to evaluate and implement initiatives dependent on information technology solutions. The I/T Support team also works to provide detailed comparisons of the general ledger accounts between SAP, infrastructure management programs, and internal databases crucial to carrying out Publix Information Technology initiatives.

Here is one position in the I/T Support team:

Manufacturing, Distribution and Facilities Accounting: Providing accounting and financial support for manufacturing, distribution, and facilities operations

The Manufacturing, Distribution and Facilities Accounting team works to provide financial accounting and analytical support to Publix manufacturing plants and warehouse distribution center operations. They also provide financial analysis for the transportation of products and the construction and remodeling of stores and other facilities.

Here are three positions in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Facilities Accounting team:

Real Estate: Evaluating real estate investment opportunities

By providing financial and operational consulting services, the Real Estate team enables the Real Estate Department to make sound decisions regarding purchases and lease agreements for property and shopping centers. They help evaluate real estate investment opportunities for new and existing markets. They also provide financial reporting for shopping center operations to help manage income and expenses of our owned centers.

Here is one position in the Real Estate team:

Retail Business Unit Support: Providing financial and operational consulting services to Publix's corporate retail business unit management teams

Our Retail Business Unit Support teams work with the retail business units, such as Produce, Bakery, Meat, Pharmacy and Customer Service to provide financial and operational consulting services. They also participate on project teams to design new store offerings and evaluate their success through the interpretation of financial and non-financial results.

Here are two positions in the Retail Business Unit Support teams:

Retail Support: Enabling Publix's executive and retail management teams to lead the company with strong, information-based decisions

The Retail Support team works to provide financial and operational consulting services to Publix retail management teams. The support this team provides includes developing store level forecasts and educating retail management about the store Profit & Loss statements. They also provide financial advice to all levels of retail and help inform managers in the field through recurring reporting and ad hoc analysis.

Here is one position in the Retail Support team:

Risk Management/Loss Prevention & Safety: Providing reporting to help reduce claims costs

The Risk Management/Loss Prevention & Safety team provides financial accounting and analysis for areas related to insurance, workers' compensation, general liability, and transportation claims. They participate on project teams to develop processes and reporting aimed at reducing incidents leading to injuries, claims, and costs.

Here is one position in the Risk Management/Loss Prevention & Safety team:

Supply Chain: Helping guide supply chain business decisions

The Supply Chain team works to better understand the costs of our supply chain and share this information with Publix management to help guide business decisions. This team uses activity-based costing and other techniques to analyze the true cost of product at the item level.

Here are two positions in the Supply Chain team:

Tax: Ensuring Publix is in compliance with tax requirements

The Tax team ensures that Publix complies with regulations and pays its taxes such as income, sales, and employment. They also work to prepare tax returns, research whether a new product is taxable, and ensure all required licenses are obtained.

Here are two positions in the Tax team:

Treasury: Managing Publix's cash and long-term investments

The Treasury team manages Publix's daily cash position and long-term investments. They also oversee various financial transactions and investment options by performing research, executing trades and transferring funds, and by preparing audit work papers and assisting with tax returns.

Here is one position in the Treasury team:

How To Apply

Please go to to see our current openings. Click "YES" or "NO" to the question, "Are you an active Publix associate?" Then narrow your search by choosing Finance within the Functional Area selection box.

When you apply, your information will be sent directly to the appropriate hiring manager. If your skills and experience seem to match the qualifications of the position that interests you, you will be contacted for an interview and possibly for testing customized to that position.

If you have any questions about our application process, please call our Employment Office in Lakeland (863-688-7407, ext. 32504) or Atlanta (770-995-0073, ext. 2153).