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Tampa Cooking School - Class List

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Treat yourself (and maybe a friend) to an evening that's educational, fun and delicious. And discover how the right wine or beer can enhance a meal.

An Evening with Campo Viejo Wines


Spanish Small Plates come to life when paired with fruit-forward vibrant Rioja wine from Campo Viejo, creating an exciting, flavorful pairing sensation! The passion and vibrancy of Spain will take participants on a culinary and wine experience to remember!  

Beachhouse Wines


Slip away to the beachhouse........the beachhouse is an inspirational range of some of the wine born in sunny South African vineyards. They are easy going wines that are expressive and uncomplicated inviting effortless enjoyment.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

DESCRIPTION - (D) John’s innovative approach to matching food and wine reflects his unique culinary background. At Chateau Ste. Michelle, John conducts cooking classes, wine and food tastings, wine dinners, and special events—all designed to further people’s enjoyment and understanding of wine and food. John joined Chateau Ste. Michelle as a winery guide in 1976. His incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for wine and food quickly became apparent, and before long he was teaching cooking classes in the Chateau’s historic Manor House.

In 1980, John took a hiatus from the winery to pursue his dream of owning a restaurant. He founded Seattle’s highly acclaimed Adriatica Restaurant and later opened Dalmacija Ristoran. After returning to Chateau Ste. Michelle as Culinary Director in 1990, John hosted the Emmy-nominated cooking show Taste of the Northwest. John currently hosts the internationally syndicated TV show Best of Taste: Travels With John Sarich. For John, educating others about the joy of wine and food is not simply a job, it’s his driving passion.

Gluten-Free Wine and Dine


Join us for an evening of great food and wine pairings while learning about some creative ways to eliminate gluten from your diet.  

INSTRUCTOR(S) - Aprons Staff

Oskar Blues Brewery


Oskar Blues Brew and Grill, founded by Dale Katechis, opened in 1997 in Lyons, Colorado. In a 60-year-old barn next door to the pub, Oskar Blues launched a canning operation in the fall of 2002. They are the very first American Craft Brewery to brew and can their beer, beginning with Dale’s Pale Ale. The original crew used a hand-canning line on a tabletop machine that sealed one can at a time. And thus began the “Canned Beer Apocalypse”…

Summer Craft Beer Dinner


For centuries, people have enjoyed the pleasures of good food and beer. Now with the explosion of smaller, independant breweries, our options have increased exponentially. In this class we’ll feature some of our favorite ‘beer friendly’ foods paired with some awesome craft-style beers.

INSTRUCTOR(S) - Aprons Staff

Wine and Dine in Oregon


Enjoy wine, like food? Join us as we “travel” to Oregon wine country. We will be pairing dishes with classic Oregon wines.  

INSTRUCTOR(S) - Aprons Staff

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