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Tampa Cooking School - Class List

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Treat yourself (and maybe a friend) to an evening that's educational, fun and delicious. And discover how the right wine or beer can enhance a meal.

An Evening with Candoni Wines and Caterina Candoni De Zan


The Candoni De Zan family has a rich wine-making history that began over 150 years ago. The tradition continues with Armando De Zan and Elviana Candoni, who both share a passion for wine and a tenacious belief in working exclusively for quality. Armando and Elviana's daughters, Barbara and Caterina, have inherited their parent's passions and have now entered the family business. Caterina utilizes her outgoing personality in her role as Candoni's Sales Vice President.  

Brews N Chews


Local small batch breweries are popping up all over the country! Beer pairing dinners have become all the rage. In true gastro-pup fare here is a menu that will “malt” your heart and get your blood “hopping.”

INSTRUCTOR(S) - Aprons Staff

Fine Wine Series


From Napa and Somoma down to the central coast and beyond, California is a true foodie heaven. Take a trip with us to the “Golden State” and enjoy some California wine country-style cuisine paired with California wines.

INSTRUCTOR(S) - Aprons Staff

Wine and Dine in Oregon


Enjoy wine, like food? Join us as we “travel” to Oregon wine country. We will be pairing dishes with classic Oregon wines.  

INSTRUCTOR(S) - Aprons Staff

Woodchuck Hard Cider


At Woodchuck®, they do things their own way. They start with the finest ingredients crafted at the local cidery in Middlebury, Vermont. Then the cider-master meticulously oversees the details of every small batch before any bottle or keg leaves their back door. It’s this special attention and love for the product that ensures they always deliver a smooth unique hard cider that is true to their roots. Independent to the core. 

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