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Aprons Cooking School

Tallahassee Cooking School - Meet Our Chefs

Tallahassee Cooking School - Meet Our Chefs

Meet the chefs who bring flavor and excitement to the Tallahassee Aprons Cooking School.

Celebrity Chefs & Guests

These big-name celebrities and renowned local chefs are on the cutting edge of the culinary scene.

Jeffrey Saad
Jeffrey Saad

Known as the "Inspirational Chef," Jeffrey inspires his fans to ignite their lives through food. Over the years he has hosted numerous food- and cooking-related shows, dishing on the latest food trends from around the country. Most recently, Jeffrey hosted “The World Food Championships” show on The FYI Network, one of the most ambitious and authentic food competitions held annually. This series follows talented home cooks and professional chefs from across America as they compete to create mouth-wateringly creative dishes to win their food category.

Jeffrey is an accomplished author with his cookbook, "Jeffrey Saad's Global Kitchen: Recipes Without Borders" in 2012. He is the Executive Chef/Owner of La Ventura restaurant in California, which opened in December of 2013. Jeffrey has also worked with Bush Brothers and Company for the past few years to identify culinary trends and create new family favorite meals.


Pairing Experts

These are experts from well-known wineries and breweries, and accomplished chefs knowledgeable in the fine art of pairing food with drink.

Talk of the Town & Other Experts

Here are the local restaurant and culinary masters who bring so much flavor to the region.

Aprons Staff

Get to know our accomplished resident chefs and culinary team.