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Mixed Berries Rice Pudding

Total Time - 10 minutes / Makes 4 Servings

Cooking Sequence

  • Combine first three ingredients and microwave - 3 minutes
  • Scoop pudding into dishes and top with mixture - serve

Mixed Berries Rice Pudding

Mixed Berries Rice Pudding

1 (12-ounce) bag frozen mixed berries
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 (22-ounce) package rice pudding
pressurized whipped cream (optional)

1. Place berries, sugar and cornstarch in microwave-safe bowl. Stir together, cover and microwave on high 3 minutes.
2. Divide pudding evenly and place in dessert dishes.
3. Stir berry mixture; divide over pudding, top with whipped cream and serve.
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Shopping List

Add items to your grocery list by clicking on the Add to My Grocery List next to any item below.

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Add to your grocery list 1 (22-oz) container prepared rice pudding

Dry Grocery
Add to your grocery list 1 tbsp cornstarch
Add to your grocery list 2 tbsp sugar

Add to your grocery list 1 (12-oz) bag frozen mixed berries

Suggested Items
Add to your grocery list pressurized whipped cream (optional)

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Utensils & Cookware

  • microwave-safe bowl
  • four dessert dishes
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Aprons Advice

Chocolate lovers can use chocolate whipped cream for an extra sweet treat.
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