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About Publix Aprons Program

In today's hurried world, it can feel next to impossible to prepare a meal at home. But thanks to the experts at Publix Aprons, you can still enjoy the fun of cooking and the togetherness of a family dinner.

Publix created our Aprons program to help our customers discover (or re-discover) the joys of cooking. We wanted to give people what they need to enjoy themselves, both in the kitchen and at the table, including:

  • Aprons Recipes, which are quick to prepare and wonderful to eat
  • In-store cooking demonstrations, so our customers could watch, taste and learn
  • Easy-to-read recipe cards—complete with shopping lists—that fit into a convenient binder
  • All the ingredients in one spot in your neighborhood Publix.
  • Aprons Cooking School classes, where skilled cooks and novices alike can expand their abilities.

Nothing is quite as gratifying as creating something delightful in the kitchen and gathering with your loved ones to savor it. And that's why we created Publix Aprons.